Voice of Customer (VoC) Insights

Understanding the needs of your customers is essential to making informed, data-driven business decisions that improve your ability to grasp new opportunities and increase revenue. But this can be challenging when customers interact across so many channels and in so many ways. For instance, they might phone your call center, fill out a survey, interact with your website via a mobile device, and then send a 140-character tweet or post a comment on your company Facebook page.

HP's advanced Voice of Customer analytics enables you to leverage the value of multichannel customer interactions within your contact center and across public social channels. The ability to quickly analyze live customer interactions is critical to your business' success. For instance, when a trend is emerging in the call center, are you alerted to this activity soon enough to make a difference? Or when Twitter, Facebook, or other social media outlets are abuzz with your latest ad campaign or a competitor's new product offering, can you understand and track this multichannel activity and relate it to what is happening in other channels?

Discover insights and seize business opportunities by understanding 100% of live customer interactions across all marketing channels. With HP's Voice of Customer solution, you can anticipate your customers' needs, optimize their experiences across all channels, and monetize interactions to keep your business operating at its full potential.

Solution capabilities

Voice of Customer insights: Leverage data across every customer touchpoint, beyond surveys and focus groups, to include real-time call center recordings, web activities, and social media chatter.

Speech analytics: Automatically organize and understand customer conversations so that you can take advantage of the rich insights in phone conversations.

Sentiment and vibe analysis: Determine the degree to which a sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral for the entire interaction or a segment of the interaction.

Hot and breaking topics: Automatically detect burning topics across interactions with “hot” clusters. Be alerted to new areas of information or individual interests in real time with “breaking” clusters.

Advanced, intuitive reporting: Customize role-based dashboards to make clear, compelling reports available across the enterprise.