Rich Media Management

Today your customers don’t just expect to receive interesting and entertaining content—they expect to receive it in visually stunning mediums, such as video and audio, on their device of choice.

Customers look forward to and engage best with high-quality, consistent, rich media experiences. HP Rich Media Management manages, distributes, and publishes thousands of customer-facing digital assets—promoting messaging, products, brands, and professional content.

Solution benefits

Strengthen your global brand: Use HP MediaBin to centralize the way you manage all digital assets—logos, copy, video, images, presentations, and virtually any rich media to make them accessible to local and remote teams located across the country or across the globe.

Understand video, audio, and images: Automatically extract concepts to enable cross-referencing with other forms of information and deliver targeted rich content to users and all multichannel outputs.

Ease your rich media workflow: Use an integrated workflow engine for configuring and automating business processes to ingest, route, review, approve, email, notify, retrieve, and distribute assets.

Go multichannel: Provide rule-based scheduling to distribute transformed rich content to multichannel outputs including web, social, print, and mobile.

Empower creativity: Give your users an integrated creative experience with access to all rich content from the applications they work with every day. Set up self-service with permission-based access to valuable corporate assets to be accessed, reused, and preserved for the future.

Achieve compliance: Monitor, analyze, record, and archive media assets, user interaction, distribution, and delivery. Govern where, when, how, and who has access so that you can adhere to governance and license policies.