HP TeamSite

HP TeamSite can help you meet a wide range of web content management (WCM) demands—content authoring, multichannel delivery, site design and layout, multivariate testing, content targeting, rich media management, advanced analytics, social content management, workflow and approval, and archiving.

Our market-leading web content management system integrates patented, award-winning technologies to provide a single, powerful solution for managing web initiatives. HP IDOL and TeamSite deliver the only technology solution available that integrates advanced search and analytics directly into its platform.

Product features

Scalability: Meet the massive scalability and performance requirements needed for online business.

Multichannel and social content: Publish content to multiple channels such as mobile, email, website, landing page, social network, print, campaign management system, and call center systems. Incorporate social and community features into existing sites to allow visitors and customers to share opinions, articles, and reviews.

Content targeting: Deliver targeted content that is tailored to any type of visitor based on context, behavior, geography, and profile data—improving the customer experience.

Rich media management: Integrate seamlessly with HP MediaBin to transform, optimize, and consistently manage your rich media, including images, audio, and video.

Online optimization: Perform unique online testing such as A/B and multivariate tests within the WCM content contribution interface.

Metadata management: Work across the entire spectrum of use cases, from manually generating a fixed, corporate taxonomy to enforcing SEO policies for increasing online traffic, to dynamically generating taxonomy and automating the tagging of content.