HP Optimost

HP Optimost provides the most comprehensive targeting solution available, with powerful segmentation and behavioral analytics that use data from multiple marketing systems and channels to identify hidden patterns and emerging trends in customer behavior. You can create more compelling digital experiences tailored to your audience through pre-defined segments, or let HP discover new actionable segments in real time—then serve targeted tests by segment using rules-based or automatic targeting and personalization.

Get started improving elements of your marketing campaigns to attract the highest value audiences. You can identify optimization opportunities, discover the range of potential improvements, and test changes to deliver websites and campaigns that bring a proven conversion lift, increased sales, and engaged customers. HP Optimost customers can also identify and serve customer segments with unique content that maximizes customer value for each segment.

Our managed services team helps customers:

  • Develop testing strategies, roadmaps, and organizational support, based on customer needs and our proprietary website optimization maturity model.
  • See the art of the possible by identifying the most promising changes most likely to improve lift, revenue, or engagement, and use customized multivariate or A/B/n testing to identify the best options, especially when stakes and complexity are highest.
  • Segment customers and target the best content to each segment.

Our SaaS platform:

  • Makes it easy to quickly create and run A/B/n tests at scale to further refine the long tail of pages across their online properties through an easy to use, intuitive interface.
  • Presents results of the entire testing program anytime/anywhere.