HP Hub

Power your customer experience with data-driven analytics

Turn your big data into actionable insights for smarter decisions, higher conversions, and a better return on your investments. HP Hub lets you create real-time, personalized customer experiences through deep behavioral analytics.


The complete picture

Combine CRM, purchase history, web data, and call logs to get a holistic view of the customer through an intuitive dashboard.

Real-time insights

Intelligently identify key customer segments and attributes in real time against specific KPIs with advanced analytics.

Superior analytic insight

Get superior analysis and insights on a massive scale, combining any data source, structured or structured, in real time and in a secure environment.

An end-to-end journey

Turn disparate data from different channels into a single view of the customer, mapping relationships between channels to understand their influence on the customer journey.

Personalized multichannel experiences

Instantly adapt positioning and messaging to resonate with specific segments, and increase conversions by automatically creating multichannel experiences using similar content.

Streamlined digital marketing

Apply advanced algorithms, specifically geared towards digital marketing problems, to optimize your channel strategy so you create the best customer journey for selected KPIs.

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