HP Explore

Today's always-on customers continue to dial into your call center while engaging in more and more online behavior, so it comes as no surprise that it's challenging to connect and understand their interactions. In today's marketplace, you need to understand your customers' multichannel behaviors so that you can act on them today—not next week. HP Explore delivers this intelligence to your enterprise, consolidating all customer behavior, whether direct or indirect, structured or unstructured, to identify patterns and emerging trends.

Powered by HP Haven, Explore delivers valuable customer insights across all channels: web, mobile, social media, email, contact center, CRM, database, and storefront, to enable you to discover the "unknown unknowns" hidden within your data. With deeper insight about your customers, you can provide superior levels of customer service. You can also identify concepts within a piece of information and uncover related patterns or trends across interactions at big data scale. This allows you to bring meaningful and comprehensive intelligence to enhance the efficiency of your most critical operations and the effectiveness of crucial decisions.

Product features

Voice of the customer: Go beyond surveys and focus groups to gain insights from data across every customer touch point, including call center recordings, web activities, and social media chatter.

Speech analytics: Automatically organize and understand customer conversations so that you can take advantage of the rich insights in call recordings.

Customer feedback analytics: Understand the comments in survey verbatims and other direct feedback, and sort them by concepts.

Social media analytics: Aggregate data from hundreds of social media data sources to automatically identify emerging trends and prevailing sentiments to inform appropriate actions and responses.